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  • More new material from Detroit CYDI, coming before the end of 2012. For more information about it, check back here and stay tuned in.

Recent News

  • Only RRRappers Will Like This aka my newly released rapping project

    I just released a brand new rapping project. please listen & share. if you purchase it then you are supporting my ability to make more stuff (I can eat, I can save for equipment, I can buy tickets or gas to get to far away gigs that don’t cover transport). This is really beneficial for [...]

  • Kool A.D. (formerly of Das Racist) releases 2 projects with a song featuring Detroit CYDI & SelfSays

    Kool A.D. released two projects today called “63″ & “19″. We happily assisted on the joint “FROYO”. Rufio Jones & Sean Uppercut do some raps (and me too), and we got a really cool chorus from SelfSays. I did the beat. Check out both projects below. It was initially released on The Fader.

  • Dead End Hip Hop Presents: Beezy Gets Beats Vol. 1

    The homie Beezy from Dead End Hip Hop asked me to participate by submitting a beat. I was honored so, I whipped up something brand new and now you can hear it at the link below.  The compilation also contains submissions from: Tall Black Guy,Analog Division, Abnormal, DRUGS BEATS, Nameless, Cashby, Beezy (I see you, [...]



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