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Send ILLingsworth to SxSW

UPDATE 3: OK, if you’re going to be in Austin, TX on March 13th, make sure you RSVP to my gig, HERE: http://exploded-drawing.com/rsvp.

UPDATE 2: i no longer have any worries about how i’m paying for travel to SXSW now. yall solved it. whatever you do now is purely in support of my art. thank you for that. i’m seriously moved right now at the influx of assistance. at a loss for words/thoughts right now. super thankful/grateful.

UPDATE 1: it’s official. i got a spot on the bus. i feel like i just got my rocafella chain. donate to thePassalacqua bus fund here http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-detroit-get-to-sxsw :)

the SxSW story

i got booked for a gig in austin, tx during sxsw, which is an opportunity on another level, bruh.

thing is, it is on me to pay for my way there. and i’m not a baller in any sense of the word.

so i need your help. in return, you will receive new music from me.

at the moment, i have two possible options to getting to texas.

i’m on an informal waiting-list for a seat on a 15-passenger bus, OR I’ll have to buy a mass-transit ticket.

If I CAN get on the bus, it’ll only be $50.

If I have to buy a train ticket, it’ll be between $300 and $350 round-trip.

how you can help

(share page, then hurry up and buy)

i have released a new instrumental project. it costs a minimum of $5.

emphasis on minimum. if you have been following my work, you know i supply gratis music like i am a baller.

today, i am asking if you can contribute more, then you do so. i will note those who go above-and-beyond.

even if you cannot pay more, please share this page. if you cannot afford to contribute at all, share this page.

every action counts. SxSW is in two weeks, bruh. help me achieve my dreams. dew it.